Sunday, August 30, 2015

50 Day Spiritual Adventure 2015

September 5, 2015 edit: To my readers: I apologize for not having a new entry this week. However, I have posted Scripture for this week. Please click "50 Day Spiritual Adventure" on the right side bar for the Scripture (I have also added it below.). I hope you are enjoying reading God's Word along with me! 

Welcome to the 50 Day Spiritual Adventure!

To the regular readers of my blog, as well as those here for the first time, I would like to welcome you to join me in a time of delving into God’s Word, specifically the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament. Over the course of nine weeks (starting September 1 and ending October 19) we will be reading one or two chapters each day. It is not as daunting as it sounds. Be encouraged as you get into God’s Word, even when the prophets had a difficult word to share, there was such care and love too, if you look deeply enough.

The Scripture I will be sharing is what my pastor (Trinity United Methodist Church--Albia, Iowa) created and distributed to the congregation. This is something he does each fall. It is a time to be renewed spiritually. It is a time get back into the Word after a busy summer.

For some, it may be the first time they have really gotten into the Word. Wherever we are in our walk with the Lord, more awaits us. If you have yet to surrender you heart to Lord, why not do it now? Check out my blog archives for posts on salvation and what it means to follow Jesus are available for reading.

Speaking for myself, I have learned and grown from these special times. As you begin to read these passages, please do not get discouraged! If you get behind, keep on going, there will be time to get caught up.  

My plan is to post the Scripture for the week late Saturday or early on Sunday morning of that week; therefore, for a short time each week will have two posts instead of the usual one.

May God Bless you richly as you read His Word!

Scripture Calendar:

September 6-September 12

            September 6:   Daniel Chapters 11-12

            September 7:   Hosea Chapters 1-2

            September 8:   Hosea Chapters 3-4

            September 9:   Hosea Chapters 5-6

            September 10: Hosea Chapters 7-8

            September 11: Hosea Chapter 9

            September 12: Hosea Chapter 10

August 31-September 5

            August 31:      Free Day

            September 1:   Daniel Chapters 1-2

            September 2:   Daniel Chapters 3-4

            September 3:   Daniel Chapters 5-6

            September 4:   Daniel Chapters 7-8

            September 5:   Daniel Chapters 9-10


  1. Oh, this is marvelous, Kim! I'm looking forward to reading these scriptures with you and joining in the dialogue. It will certainly give me a focused Biblical activity to do while staying with my mom over the next week or longer.
    Love and blessings!

    1. Martha, I'm so glad you're joining me on this adventure! Now to figure out the dialogue part. Praying that it will be a blessing to all who join in reading through this section of Scripture.

      Love and blessings!

  2. Hi Kim! Thank you for sharing what you will be learning along with your community! I haven't done a lot of Daniel, although I know his story well. Looking forward to the insights that you will share.
    Monday blessings,

    1. Hi Ceil! Thank you for stopping by and for joining with me! It will be interesting to see where this all leads. I'm sensing that it may be "bigger" and more involved than I originally thought. Not exactly a bad thing! Now if I could figure out how to truly use the "page" tab/function on blogger... :)




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