Value of a Soul

What is the value of a soul?  How can a price be given to the essence of a person?  Ultimately, each soul is of indescribable great value, because it is what lives on for eternity (in heaven or hell)—long after the physical body dies.

Jesus states in Matthew 16:26: “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? (See also Mark 8:36).  Jesus asked these questions in the discourse on what it meant to follow Him.

To hear some amazing testimonies of Jesus’ transforming power please click on the video below.  It is Billy Graham’s most recent video, Value of a Soul.  Jesus loves you so much that He came to earth and lived as a human (yet fully God), died, and rose again so all who accepted Him could be saved and live with Him forever.  At the end of the video you will be given an opportunity to pray with Franklin Graham (Billy Graham’s son) to ask Jesus to forgive your sins and come dwell in your heart.

Ultimately, many have decided, including me, the value of their soul is of such infinite worth that they said “yes” to Jesus.  Life with the Lord is any thing but dull; it is an adventure!

No matter your decision, please take some time and read through my archived posts; my prayer is that God will speak to you through them.

For those of you who said “yes” to Jesus and asked Him to forgive your sins and come in to your heart, welcome to the family God!

From My Heart to Yours,


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