Friday, May 26, 2017

Sermon: Revive Us Again!

I am pleased to share with the readers of my blog an audio and a video of a church service I led March 12, 2017.  It is always a blessing to share what God has placed on my heart with His people.  The reason I do what I do here on the blog and when I preach and teach is God empowering me through the Holy Spirit.  On my own, I simply could not do what I do! 

Revival is from God; it is not something that anyone of us can generate!  In this way, God gets the glory, not man.  This is good to keep in mind when we pray for revival or hear about revival.  Keep in mind, there is a “cost” to revival—listen to hear what the cost might look like.

If you would like to read the text of this sermon, please search the archives of this blog—a few weeks ago, I shared this message in a slightly different form over two weeks. 

To listen to the audio (it is clearer than the audio on the video), please click here:  

To view the video, please click here:  

You can also find the audio and video on the right side bar of this blog.

What follows is a description I provided with the YouTube video:

Sermon delivered March 12, 2017, at Trinity United Methodist Church in Albia, Iowa.  Video is from the traditional service.

Hymns included (not all are on the video): O Spirit of the Living God; Spirit Song; and Revive Us Again.

Scriptures:  2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 51:1-12; Psalm 85:4-13

Currently, I am a lay speaker in the United Methodist Church; my status is such that I can preach in my church and others when called.  (I am one of several lay members who are called by the Lord to lead worship and preach the Word of God when our pastor is away.)

Let us all consider what it means to pray for revival and to expect revival in our own lives!

From My Heart to Yours,



  1. Absolutely superb and inspired, Kim! God truly spoke through you in this message shared with us.
    Love and blessings!

    1. Thank you, Martha, for your kind words. To God be the glory!

      Love and blessings!


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