Friday, October 9, 2015

Clergy Appreciation Month: Pastor Appreciation Sunday

Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, and for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me;” (Romans 15:30 KJV)

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This coming Sunday, October 11, 2015, is Pastor Appreciation Sunday.  Some churches honor their pastor(s) on this Sunday with a special service.  

A variety of ways exist to honor our pastors—it does not have to be flashy or glamorous.  It can be something as simple as a short presentation during the service or a simple potluck after the service.  (Be sure to include children and youth!)  The idea is to let your pastor know that they are loved and appreciated. Of course, this appreciation should happen more often than in October!

Have you ever stopped to consider how much a pastor does during a given day or week?  Dedicated pastors work far more than 40 hours a week.  Likely their work week is closer to 60-70 hours!  Guard your pastor’s day off each week.  They need some down time to care for themselves.   

Being a pastor is a huge and demanding job; something that can only be done through the strength of God and much prayer.  How often do you pray for your pastor(s)?  It is only right that we pray for our pastor; after all, pastors pray for their flocks. 

To get an idea about “a day in the life” of a pastor see Thom Rainer’s article A Day in the Life of a Pastor

Pastors truly need and deserve all the support and encouragement they can get.  Recognize and affirm the sacrifices they make—do it orally or in writing.  Do not forget how meaningful, the seemingly small things can be!  Share your appreciation from your heart.  It will mean far more than you will ever know, this side of heaven. 

Be sure to pray for his/her family, as well; do not forget the many sacrifices they make!  The families of pastors make far more sacrifices than we will ever know.  How many family meals or gatherings do you suppose pastors miss?  Even pastors without a family make many sacrifices in serving their congregation.




How will you show appreciation to your pastor this week?

Please join with me in prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray that You will strengthen and encourage our pastor.  Help us to pray effectively for our pastor and family each day.  Lord, please protect our pastor and family from the attacks of the enemy; we plead the blood of Jesus over them.  Grant our pastor the wisdom to guide and care for us.  Thank You for all of the sacrifices pastors and their families make in service to You.  Reveal to us how to best show our appreciation to our pastor.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

From My Heart to Yours,



  1. Kim, thanks once again for reminding us of how much our pastors sacrifice for their flock. Mine will, indeed, be in my prayers!
    Love and blessings!

    1. Martha, You're welcome! Reminders can be so helpful, especially in regards to how many sacrifices pastors (and families) make for their flock. I'm sure your pastor truly appreciates your prayers!

      Love and blessings!


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